Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tag, Your IT... A Christmas Meme :)

I have been tagged by the Lovely Leyla over at This Day I Love to take part in a Christmas Meme. I am super excited about doing this as A) Its my first ever tag!! and B) I absolutley LOVE Christmas!! So let's getting cracking...
1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
For me there isn't a particular 'thing' that I like, but the whole season in general - I love going into shops or driving in my car and hearing Christmas songs play and I love walking down the street and seeing all the pretty twinkly lights on the houses. There is a happy / festive atmosphere in the air and people generally appear to have woken up on the merry side of the bed!
I now also have my little girl which has put a completely different meaning into Christmas for me... I love to make new traditions with her, I love seeing her face when she sees the 'pretties' as she calls them (Christmas Lights) I love watching her laugh and dance to the Christmas songs that I used to laugh and dance to when I was younger, I love that she believes... :)
2. What is your favourite make up look for the season?
I don't really wear make up and when I do I tend to enrol a friend to do it for me as I am just rubbish! I do however like to keep it pretty natural.

3. Real or Fake tree?

I always say I would love a real tree however my house is pretty teeny tiny and I don't think I would have the space to put one so we have a fake tree. I used to have a lovely pre lit one and then I got a kitten who decided to climb up the tree, knock the tree, sleep in the tree, fall out the tree and break all the branches on the way down... so now I have an ordinary green tree! Me and hubs have said we may look for a pre lit one in January sales for next year!

4. Giving or Receiving presents?

Definitley prefer to give, I start my Christmas shopping wayyyyy early as one, it helps to spread the cost and two (and most importantly) it gives me plenty of time to buy things that I know people with love / use / appreciate and joy. I will search high and low to find the 'perfect' gift.

5. What is your favourite Christmas film?

I absolutley love, ELF - Its SSSSSAAAAAAAAANNNNNNTTTTTAAAAA :) (To anyone who has ever seen it that should make sense? To anyone who has not then go and watch it immediatley!)

6. What is your favourite Christmas food?
Chocolate... now I know Chocolate isn't really a 'Christmas' food but Christmas seems to be only time of year where its perfectly justifiable to demolish half a tin of celebrations, eat the full contents of a selection box to yourself or complete a full terry's chocolate orange... Serioulsy no one batters an eye lid... after all it is Christmas and in January you will diet, eat fruit, exercise, drink plenty of water, start taking vitamins (or at least thats what I tell myself each year) so why not make the most of it...

That's it from me - I will now be tagging

Mum in a hurry
Crazy with twins
SAHDandProud (feel free to skip Q2 lol)

Merry Christmas!

Oh and here is my cat in the middle of my old pretty tree...



  1. Love the picture of your cat, and glad you joined in!

  2. Thank u for tagging me. I will get into this today. Once I've finished bah humbugging about the fact that its Christmas and I'm not ready yet!!!!

  3. Right, MUST do this now. Will get onto it. You could use a linky tool for this you know... I've only just discovered them.


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