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Gingerlillytea is one of my all time favourite blogs, infact its the blog that inspired me to start my own. I first 'met' Keri-Anne in 2010 when we both joined an online baby forum and I was so excited when she first started her blog, to put it simply it is full of pure gorgeousness. Keri-Anne blogs about life with her 2 fairies, Elle and Mia and her husband who you can just tell she is madly in love with and her posts always include the most beautiful photos.
 Mummy Daddy and Me -  I really do love this blog, I don't know what it is but something about it just makes me feel really happy. Katie blogs about her two girls Mads and LL - Katie is also a fabulous photographer and captures her families every day life through her photos, this is the kind of blog that when I look at it I am in complete awe and just think WOW, will my little blog ever be as nice and pretty and brilliant as this one?
Mum.Wife.Girl This is a fairly new blog however when I first found it there was just something I instantly loved about it. I can't quite put my finger on it, I guess its like when you meet someone for the first time and you know that you will just get along? Well its kinda like that. I am really excited to keep following this blog and to see it expand and develop!
Mum.Wife. Girl



  1. Oh Katie!!! i have just seen this. You are wonderful x

  2. Thank you so much Katie :)
    I'm so glad you've made this page, because I've now got a couple new lovely blogs to follow! We seem to have the same blog 'taste'!
    Take care xx


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