Friday, 30 November 2012

What exactly is work life balance?!

I have been thinking about the term 'Work Life Balance' alot recently. I'm not 100% sure I really know what it means, therefore I'm pretty certain I won't be achieving it :-/
When I first discovered I was pregnant wayyyy back in August 2010 - I was just about to embark on my second year placement as part of my three year degree - I completed the placement and the rest of the year with no problem, infact some might say my timing was impeccable as baby arrived just in time for the summer holidays. My husband and I discussed at great length what I would do regarding my third and final year - should I defer the first module? should I defer the whole year? and eventually we both decided the best option for us would be to carry on and power through, as it was my final year and basically a means to an end, if I didn't do it then I would have to do it eventually as dropping out wasn't an option. So when bubs was just four months old I left her in nursery while I completed my final year. It was a hard few months, talk about burning the candle at both ends, if I wasn't commuting or at work or uni, I was at home on my computer writing assignments, putting together presentations, while also attempting to be a mummy and bathe my bubs, feed her, read her a bed time story... If I was lucky I used to get four hours sleep a night too!
One thing I kept telling myself was this is all just temporary and once I had finished my degree and was qualified things would be different. The plan was to get a nice part time job, maybe 18.5 hours a week or something? Well after LOTS of applications and a few interviews I finally got a job, however it was 37 hours a week! (Turns out this was a blessing as 2 months after I started my hubs was made redundant)
So I guess what I am trying to figure out at the moment is how do I get the work - mummy balance right? I come home from work just in time to have tea with bubs and put her to bed. I live for the weekends and we try to do something family orientated - but is it enough?
I am 'lucky' as I am able to work from home 1 day a week but then it is difficult to work / concentrate with an 18 month old bounding round the house wanting her mummy, and I am constantly having to explain to her that mummy is busy and working. She's not interested in that, she wants to play and draw on all my important papers, and hit and press every button on the laptop - she cries when I say no and ask her daddy to take her away. Is the working from home option really worth it? Do I want my daughter's memories to be of her mummy sat at the table with no time to play?
I'm not sure there really is an answer to this its just something my family and I need to work on and hopefully we will figure it out together (I hope) xxx

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

All things Christmassy....

I can not believe that Christmas is less than four weeks away, it is definitley one of my most favourite times of year. I have been making plans for a few weeks now to make it as special as possible for my daughter who is now just over eighteen months old. We are starting the festive season with our twenty-four days till Christmas advent calendar. I didn't really want to give bubs chocolates or sweets everyday so decided to create an activity calendar after seeing the idea on another mummy blog last year. So after several internet searches to find different activities to do at home and different events happening locally I have finally finalised our activities :)
As well as the advent calendar I have also been buying different items for our cosy box, which is a hamper full of treats and Christmas 'essentials' such as reindeer food and key for santa that we open up on Christmas Eve!
We also have a winter wonderland holiday booked at Center Parcs so all I can say is bring on December!!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sitting at the table...

Last weekend a kind lady gave us a table which we have put in our kitchen, before this my daughter used to eat her meals in her high chair while my husband and I used to eat with our meals on our knees. I can not begin to explain to you how such a simply gesture has made such a big impact on our family, since the table arrived into our home we have had three meals a day sat at it - we have laughed, talked, asked how each other is feeling, whether we have had a good day etc... it has provided us with such quality time that we never really realised we were missing! if you have room for a table or you have one but for whatever reason don't use it then I really urge you to have your next family meal sat at it, I bet you'll love it too <3 xxx

Monday, 5 November 2012

Remember Remember the fifth of November

Tonight my hubs and I have taken our daughter to the village firework display. I am so proud of her, the noise didn't phase her one bit and the thirty minute display kept her attention the whole time! She was ooohhhing and aaahhhing and kept saying 'wow' and 'pretty' at all the different colours in the sky! I am not normally a fan of winter at all however there was something cosy about getting wrapped up in our hats and scarves and then having hot chocolate once we got home <3

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Breakfast Lollipops

So this morning I decided to make my daughter something a little different for her breakfast and I made her these yummy breakfast lollipops. Its an idea I can not take credit for as I picked it up from Pinterest but still I thought I would share.

They are simple to make, all you need is one banana, two lollipop sticks, some yogurt and your favourite cereals!

Just cut the banana in half, insert the lollipop sticks into each half, dip in the yogurt and roll in the cereals. You can freeze them overnight if you want, however I found that by doing that it made the lollipops abit too hard and cold for little teeth so we just prepared them ready to eat - enjoy :)

The original post and other lollipop treats can be found here.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hello World...

Hello world and welcome to my blog :)
Let me start by introducing myself. I am a twenty something wifey and first time mummy. My daughter is now 17 months old and is becoming more amazing with each and everyday (Ok, I know I am biased - but what mummy isn't?!)
Since becoming a mummy I have found myself searching the internet almost daily for different ideas relating to party planning, christmas traditions, children food ideas, indoor activities, outdoor activities etc...
I have numerous links / photos / ideas that are all stored in various places so I have decided to use this blog as a space to store and share all my great finds!
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog xxx
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