Friday, 31 May 2013

Hoops and Crosses Lunch Box

Like most mummys I find that lunch time with a toddler can become quite repetitive, that's why when I learnt that Walkers and Tots100 had teamed up to find creative lunch box ideas I was keen to join in with the challenge!
This is our entry into the Tots100 #hoopsandcrosses competition.
I decided that instead of your 'ordinary' sandwich I would make Gracie some 'Mini Sandwich Kebabs'. I placed mini sandwiches, pieces of sandwich meat, cucumber, tomatoes and of course some hoops and crosses onto a skewer and rested them on a bed of lettuce. I then put the rest of the hoops and crosses into a small bowl along with some of Gracie's other favourite foods.
I think she was impressed as when I showed her the lunch box there was a lot of 'WOW's' and 'Mmmm's' to be heard!

Needless to say there wasn't much left at the end of lunch time :)


Monday, 27 May 2013

Weekend in the Sun

After the past few days I was starting to wonder if we would be getting any nice weather at all this spring. Friday I worked from home - it was so dark outside and all I could hear was the rain on our conservatory roof and the wind filtering through the chimney breast and it was cold, so so cold, in the end I was sat with a cardi, slipper socks, a blanket and the heating on full! so imagine my delight when I woke up on Saturday morning to the sun blaring through my window. We spent the morning trying to decide what to do, we hadn't made any definite plans with the weather being so unpredictable but then the hubster received a text inviting us to a BBQ - perfect!

We headed off with our sun cream, sun hat and sun glasses :) and the toddler finally got to wear one of the new outfits that she got for her birthday.

We were able to enjoy the sun late into the day and I particularly enjoyed this view something we don't seem to see often anymore!

Gracie loved the BBQ food and especially loved spending time in the garden. (Our garden is currently undergoing a makeover so we don't get to go out in it at the moment!)


All in all it was a fairly quiet bank holiday weekend but sometimes they are the best kind :)
How did you spend the bank holiday weekend, I hope the weather was lovely where you are!
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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday Is Caption Day - 25th May 2013

I've seen a lot of lovely bloggers join in with 'Saturday is Caption Day' so thought I would give it a go... this is the toddler as I was trying to pack for a girls weekend away last September :)


Friday, 24 May 2013

A day at Alton Towers

Earlier in the week me and my husband visited Alton Towers. We usually go at least once a year and this year we collected vouchers out of the sun newspaper which means we got free entry to the park (the only downside to this is that you can't choose the date that you go). Anyway, due to the nature of the rides we decided that we would leave the toddler with her Grandma, it wasn't until we had been there about an hour that I realised it was the first time we had done anything on our own, as a couple for a long time!

We decided to ease ourselves into the rides starting with the runaway mine train before heading off to some of the more 'adventerous' rides including sub zero, air and the Nemesis, things were going well until we went on the Nemesis and suddenly I felt really sick...

Waiting for Air
Scary 'bloody' water...waiting for Nemesis

 Nemesis 1 - Katie 0 :-/
We decided we go and grab some dinner. There are lots of different eateries in the park but we chose to visit 'Pizza and Pasta' for £9.75 each we got unlimited pizza, pasta, salad and drinks. I have to say the food was YUM!
We then spent the afternoon going on more rides including the rapids and log flumes.


Not too wet, probably because he used his wife has a human shield to avoid the water!!

We then decided to follow our inner child's and visit the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Ice Age attractions.


Hubs insisted on visiting the parks brand spanking new ride 'the smiler' - he was so sad that we missed the launch date by 2 days, however as he says its gives him a reason to go back later in the year :)

Despite the weather we had a brilliant day, the queue times for the rides weren't very long which was a bonus and the park as some lovely attractions as you walk round too.

And of course we can't go anywhere without bringing a little something back for the toddler. The only problem is we can never find anything with the name Gracie on so instead we opted to personalise her new cup with a daughter label.

Do you like theme parks? If so which is your favourite? I would love to hear from you :)

Monday, 20 May 2013

Outside Fun... Indoors.

So as you will all know the weather hasn't been too good over this past week which means other than a quick trip into town on Saturday afternoon we haven't really done much.

Luckily we bought the toddler a gardening kit for her birthday which included some seeds, compost, small plant pots, a pair of gardening gloves and a watering can, so earlier in the week we did a spot of potting and within a couple of days and after some TLC from Gracie we noticed some of the plants were starting to sprout.

Today we added to our collection as I bought some tomato plants and strawberry plants, as a result our kitchen window sill looks like this...
At the moment we are currently doing a garden makeover and I'm thinking about having a small patch specifically for Gracie where she can do her own gardening as she really enjoys watering the plants and generally getting dirty :)
How have you been entertaining the children in this recent wet and windy weather?


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Paediatric First Aid

Since having my daughter I have often thought about doing a paediatric first aid course, unfortunately this was always a thought that just lingered in the back of my mind and one that I didn't prioritise as much as I should have, after all I didn't even know where I could access a course, I didn't really have time to look into it and then if I did find a course I probably wouldn't have time to go, not to mention the cost... *excuses excuses*
However one day last December Millie's Trust found their way into my newsfeed over on facebook. I remember clicking 'like' and within seconds my heart was breaking as I read about a mummy and a daddy whose baby girl, named Millie had sadly passed a way just a few weeks earlier at the tender age of nine months.
This mummy and daddy are grieving however they have some how found the strength from somewhere to start a charity in memory of Millie. The charity, Millie's Trust really highlights the importance of making yourself aware of first aid procedures, they fundraise so they are able to offer people the opportunity to attend courses all across the country at rock bottom prices, their aim is to have as many people as possible trained up!
Me and my husband were very lucky to have secured ourselves a place on one of their courses last week and I am so glad we did. It wasn't until I was there that I realised just how much I DIDN'T know about first aid however I left the course feeling confident that I would be able to remain calm in an emergency situation.
At the beginning of the course, the instructor asked for a volunteer, me being the nice wifey that I am I instantly volunteered my husband ;) Here he is helping out...
Throughout the course we all had the opportunity to 'practice' CPR, this is so tiring but can be so vital.

At the end of the course we both received a certificate each which is valid for the next three years :)
Having completed the course with my husband it means that we have been able to discuss what we have learnt together and refresh our knowledge.
I am so glad we completed the course, it really is invaluable, I am just sorry it took me so long... however I will ensure that I am always trained up now and that in three years time I attend the course again.
Has anyone else completed a paediatric first aid course or planning to in the future? I would definitely recommend it :) xxx

Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Life Accordng To...

Rebecca from 'Mum of a Premature Baby' has tagged me in 'My Life According To...

I love music so I was very excited to get involved :) The idea is to only use the song titles from ONE artist to answer each question and then you have to tag 5 people so that they can give it a go.

I thought long and hard about which artist to choose and I have decided to go with one of my old favourites... The Beatles

So here it is, My life according to The Beatles.

1. Are you Male or Female?

2. Describe Yourself?

Can't buy me love

3. How do you feel?
I want to hold your hand

4. Describe where you currently live

The long and winding road

5. If you could go anywhere?

Penny Lane

6. Your best friend is?
Lady Madonna

7. Your partner is?

Teddy Boy

8. What's the weather like?
Here comes the sun

9. Favourite time of day?

A hard days night

10. If your life was a book, what would it be called?
Here, there and everywhere

11. What is life to you?

Ticket to ride

12. Your last relationship?

Don't bother me

13. Your current relationship?

A crazy little thing called love

14. You fear?

8 days a week

15. How would I like to die?
Like Dreamers Do

16. What is the best advice you have to give?
Come Together

17. Thought for the day?
Let it be

18. My Motto?
All you need is love.

Bonus Questions 

1.  Your Favourite form of Transport?

Yellow Submarine

2. How I feel?

With a little help from my friends

3. Your favourite colour is?
Strawberry Fields Forever

4. If you could change your name, it would be?

Eleanor Rigby

I nominate:

1) Andrea @ All You Need Is Love (And Cake)
2) Carly @ Mummy And The Chunks
3) Mummy S @ Little Guys Mummy
4) Hannah @ Cupcake Mumma
5) Louise @ The Grumpasaurs Blog


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gracie turns 2!

Monday 13th May 2013, the day we celebrated our little Gracie's second birthday. After a late night full of baking, wrapping and decorating the time was finally here... it was time to go into my daughter's bedroom and get my TWO year old from her cot.
We went into her room full of beans, singing 'Happy Birthday' at the top of our voices, Gracie sat there, looking confused, blissfully unaware of our excitement and emotions and we picked her up and wished her a happy birthday.
The hubster carried her downstairs, where she was greeted by a pile of presents, some from us and some from family and friends but first we had to have breakfast (much to Gracie's disappointment).
After breakfast it was time to open the presents, one by one Gracie tore the paper off her presents and as she did she proudly held her new gifts up to show us.
Then it was time for us to head out for the day, we had decided months ago that the three of us would go to Sundown Adventureland on her birthday, however the weather had been so rubbish on the run up that we had been debating whether we should or shouldn't go but in the end we decided we would.

Sundown Adventureland is a theme park designed for under 10's based in Nottinghamshire, the park is made up of several different themed areas and includes lots of different buildings for the children to explore most of which include interactive features.

There is also a number of outdoor play areas.


 And the best bit (in my opinion anyway) is the rides!

On the whole the weather wasn't too bad however it did rain quite heavily at one point so we headed into one of the indoor soft plays.
Finally it was time for home, and I think we were all pretty pooped - some of us more than others.
But once home the celebrating didn't stop there, family and friends came round, more presents were opened, candles were blown out and cake was eaten.
If your little one has just had a birthday then how did you celebrate? or if you have a birthday coming up what are your plans? I would love to hear all about it :) xxx
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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