Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Week That Was {7}

I have seen 'My Week That Was' crop up on several blogs and thought it would be something I would enjoy taking part in it but in true Katie style I missed the start date by a good few weeks so thought I had missed out. That was until I saw the lovely Mojo at Wonderments was taking part and this was her first week so I thought what the hell - let's get involved! So although it is week 7 technically its only my week 1 - oopsie!
Monday - The first day of the working week - booooo! Hubster had a job interview the following day so we spent the day (and night) preping and making sure he had everything he needed.
TuesdayI spent the day working from home, I felt so poorly due to the late night Monday. Husbter spent the day at his interview and in the evening went to work as normal. It was the small ones last day at nursery before starting Daddy Daycare She came home with her development file, some pictures and also lots of paintings and art work that she had completed. I had also received two phone calls from the nursery manager throughout the day, one to inform me that she (the small one not the manager) had banged her face which resulted in a nose bleed and the second was to say that she had been sick and to keep an eye on her - luckily she was fine but that didn't stop the hubster from texting throughout the evening to check that she was OK.
Wednesday - Crazy day at work, thats the only way to sum it up! However the day was made much nicer when I returned home and me and the small one did some Valentine's painting.
Thursday - Valentine's day, or as we like to call it in our house 'just another Thursday', barely saw the hubster as we played the 'ships that pass in the night' game. Made some very questionable love heart pizza for tea for me and the small one.
Friday - One of my favourite days of the week, made better than usual by the fact that me and my friends have booked tickets to see the Big Reunion LIVE! - I can not begin to explain how excited I am by this. Also I carried out my good deed for the day when a dog ran out in front of my car and I 'rescued' said dog and reunited it with its rather frantic owner.

Saturday - This has been a practical day, full of meal planning, shopping list, spreadsheets etc... In the evening I went out with friends. I was so excited as I hadn't been out in such a long time, I spent three hours just getting ready! we only had a meal and I was home for 11 o clock but it was just so nice to go out.

Sunday - Hubster works on Sunday so its always a day for just me and my girl. I work full time so its nice to have a day that is ours. We started the day with a lazy morning and this afternoon we took advantage of the nicer weather and went for a walk. This evening (just infact) my husbter went out on the off chance that we might see the international space station pass by and what do you know, we did! So he's pretty chuffed!

Thank you to Lauren @ Real Housewife of Suffolk County who hosts for letting me join in :)



  1. Gah I'm so sorry, I tried to comment on this last week and though it has posted but it didn't.
    I hope your husbands job interview went well?
    I'm slightly jealous of the fact you have tickets for the Big Reunion. I bet it's going to be amazing!
    Thank you for linking up xx

  2. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I enjoyed doing this but haven't been on my blog for weeks so haven't had chance to do it again :( xxx ps, the big reunion was last Friday and was fabulous! full of cheese :D xxx


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