Thursday, 14 February 2013

Toddler fun on Valentine's Day

So here it is again, 14th February... Valentine's Day!
Now not that we are miserable or anything but the hubster and I haven't really gone for the whole valentine's thing this year, I think since our wedding anniversary was three weeks ago and Christmas was just before that we our all card and gifted out! Never the less I thought it would be lovely to have some toddler fun and so Gracie and I did some painting yesterday :) Gracie loves paints and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised with how co operative she was, although it did take us two attempts ;) so here is the our 'master piece' complete with very questionable love hearts! I should add that I can not take credit for this idea as I got it from a friend.
Seems as though the hubster is at work this evening, I made the girl and me some valentine's pizza - ok, so its just ordinary pizza cut out into a questionable heart shape (whether its paint or pizza I still can not master the art of hearts!) but still Gracie appeared impressed giving me an 'Oh WOW' as I placed the plate in front of her, so that's good enough for me!
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


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