Friday, 7 December 2012

Winter Wonderland

So me hubs and bubs have spent the last five days at Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest. This is the second year running we have been in December (so does that make it a Christmas tradition?!) I have been to Center Parcs several times and at different times of year however I have to say Christmas there is just so magical - the whole forest is converted into a Winter Wonderland and the atmosphere is so merry and festive :)
On Wednesday night we met Santa, his woodland workshop is amazing, it has real reindeer outside and the biggest Christmas tree you have ever seen! Bubs was a little unsure of meeting him but she didn't cry so thats a bonus!
There's lots of different activities to do while at Center Parcs but it can become quite pricey, so I took some bits and bobs along with us and organised some Christmas crafting for bubs and my friends kiddies to do in the lodge (these were also our advent activities) - one afternoon we all wrote letters to Santa and then threw them on the open fire so they would go up into the air and to the North Pole  for him to see and on another afternoon we made salt dough decorations - the kids loved doing this and getting messy with all the paints.
Every morning we went swimming, again bubs loved this, she was walking around the shallow pool all by herself and splashing and giggling, she also loved the flumes and the wave machine!
During the festive over load mummy also got the chance to relax and spent the evening at the twilight spa - absolute bliss! We have been home a few hours and already we are pricing up visit for next Christmas!
I'm desperate to sort through my photographs but I have photos spread across three different cameras (mine and hubs phones and then our actual camera)so it will be a long process! I will update a couple once it is sorted tho!
Happy Friday everyone, hope you all have a lovely a weekend! xxx

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