Tuesday, 11 December 2012

You don't buy a nice home... You make one!

In 2007 my then boyfriend (now husband) decided to buy our first home, we were both young and to be honest its scary how easy it was to do, this was just before the credit crunch and we literally just walked into the mortgage office off the street with no deposit, no savings and relatively low wages and we were handed a large sum of money!
Anyway we always thought our first home would be exactly that and that it was a step onto the property ladder, wow how wrong were we?! What with the recession, house prices going down, no one lending any money I would say we are no better off now than if we were first time buyers.
So the actual point of this post? Well this house was always meant to be for just us two and to be honest its a lovely little house for a young couple (hence why we bought it) but we're not just a young couple any more, we are married, we are parents, we are a family. I keep talking about how I would like a new house, a bigger one, a family one, a nicer one when actually it dawned on me... you don't buy a nice home, you make one!
So yes, I would like a bigger house, I do feel we have outgrown this one as a family, but the fact of the matter is that it will not and can not happen in the forseeable future so rather than moan about it I decided to be grateful for what I do have and to start turning this house into a home! Starting with a list of each room and what actually needs doing in it - My husband and I are very good at starting jobs and then never finishing them so the house often looks like a scene from DIY SOS and probably doesn't help to the cluttered feeling that lurks in every room.
We have started with our bedroom, which since the 'spare/junk' room became the babies room as become a dumping ground! This room in a word is horrible, it's where things get hidden in order to make the rest of the house look tidy! well not anymore! Today my hubs stripped the walls and at the weekend we will be sugar soaping and painting them. We will then get measured up for a new carpet - once all that is done we will look at new furniture - our old wardrobes broke so we currently have our clothes hung on a rail :( I'm hoping to introduce a shabby chic type feel to the room. With regards to the clutter once we have proper wardrobes again we will be able to find everything a place or alternatively sell, bin or put in the loft!
So thats the plan so far, I figured we are better off tackling one room at a time and not worrying about the others just yet as it would just be far too overwhelming not to mention costly!
Now off to look at colour charts / bedding / furniture etc :)
Thanks for reading xxx

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