Saturday, 1 December 2012

Getting Organised for 2013!!

Ok... so I know we still have a month left of 2012 however today I made the decision to get myself organised ready for 2013. My husband and I tend to muddle through from one situation to another (or so it feels like it). So for 2013 I am taking it back to basics. Today while in the pound shop I saw some A4 week view diaries, so I picked one up, along with some sticky notes and a couple of highlighters and the plan is this...
Firstly I am going to make a list of everyone's birthdays and any upcoming special occassions (such as weddings / christenings) and write them all in the diary. I'm also going to pop a sticky note on the first of every month with a quick overview of whose birthdays are coming up that month.
I will also put a sticky note the month before any 'one off' costs may be due - such as car tax or mot etc.
Then of course I will write down all my bills / payment dates etc. (I find check lists quite therapeutic and love nothing more than putting a line through something or putting a tick next to it - loser alert?!)
I am also going to have a look at my debts and form a plan on how to reduce them and all over payments will again be documented in the diary... but more on that another time (maybe?) Savings will also be documented as I plan on putting £10 a week away for next Christmas, also thinking of collecting some saving stamps throughout the year for the Christmas big shop? we'll see!
And finally I will make a list of all the people I need to buy Christmas presents for as you never know I may find something perfect for them throughout the year...


  1. This is a very good idea. You could check out my old blog if you like: might have some ideas there you could use. I personally like to do most things on the computer as I'm very IT minded. But I did create a Command Central notebook that I still use. Its more of a wallet for stamps, invites, that kind of thing. I really need to get organised next year in the day to day stuff of going to work - checking the kids bags the night before, packing my lunch etc.

  2. Thanks, I will def check out your old blog! I also need to organise myself more in the evenings! things are always so hectic in a morning xx


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