Friday, 30 November 2012

What exactly is work life balance?!

I have been thinking about the term 'Work Life Balance' alot recently. I'm not 100% sure I really know what it means, therefore I'm pretty certain I won't be achieving it :-/
When I first discovered I was pregnant wayyyy back in August 2010 - I was just about to embark on my second year placement as part of my three year degree - I completed the placement and the rest of the year with no problem, infact some might say my timing was impeccable as baby arrived just in time for the summer holidays. My husband and I discussed at great length what I would do regarding my third and final year - should I defer the first module? should I defer the whole year? and eventually we both decided the best option for us would be to carry on and power through, as it was my final year and basically a means to an end, if I didn't do it then I would have to do it eventually as dropping out wasn't an option. So when bubs was just four months old I left her in nursery while I completed my final year. It was a hard few months, talk about burning the candle at both ends, if I wasn't commuting or at work or uni, I was at home on my computer writing assignments, putting together presentations, while also attempting to be a mummy and bathe my bubs, feed her, read her a bed time story... If I was lucky I used to get four hours sleep a night too!
One thing I kept telling myself was this is all just temporary and once I had finished my degree and was qualified things would be different. The plan was to get a nice part time job, maybe 18.5 hours a week or something? Well after LOTS of applications and a few interviews I finally got a job, however it was 37 hours a week! (Turns out this was a blessing as 2 months after I started my hubs was made redundant)
So I guess what I am trying to figure out at the moment is how do I get the work - mummy balance right? I come home from work just in time to have tea with bubs and put her to bed. I live for the weekends and we try to do something family orientated - but is it enough?
I am 'lucky' as I am able to work from home 1 day a week but then it is difficult to work / concentrate with an 18 month old bounding round the house wanting her mummy, and I am constantly having to explain to her that mummy is busy and working. She's not interested in that, she wants to play and draw on all my important papers, and hit and press every button on the laptop - she cries when I say no and ask her daddy to take her away. Is the working from home option really worth it? Do I want my daughter's memories to be of her mummy sat at the table with no time to play?
I'm not sure there really is an answer to this its just something my family and I need to work on and hopefully we will figure it out together (I hope) xxx


  1. Firstly, welcome to the blogosphere, and what a beautiful blog you have!

    Secondly, well done on finishing the degree. I know how hard it is to do a degree with a little one at home. I started mine when my daughter was 1 and finished this year whilst heavily pregnant with twins! Xx

  2. Thank you - well done to you too! I have to admit there were days when I didn't think I would finish, felt so good to wear the cap and gown last weekend! xx

  3. Wow. that must feel like such an achievement to have managed to complete a degree with a small baby. I don't think I could have done it. I struggle too with the work/life balance and it is really hard at times. Thankfully over Christmas I'm going to be working mostly from home and I don't anticipate it being mega busy so hopefully get to chill and also spend some time with the kids.


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