Wednesday, 28 November 2012

All things Christmassy....

I can not believe that Christmas is less than four weeks away, it is definitley one of my most favourite times of year. I have been making plans for a few weeks now to make it as special as possible for my daughter who is now just over eighteen months old. We are starting the festive season with our twenty-four days till Christmas advent calendar. I didn't really want to give bubs chocolates or sweets everyday so decided to create an activity calendar after seeing the idea on another mummy blog last year. So after several internet searches to find different activities to do at home and different events happening locally I have finally finalised our activities :)
As well as the advent calendar I have also been buying different items for our cosy box, which is a hamper full of treats and Christmas 'essentials' such as reindeer food and key for santa that we open up on Christmas Eve!
We also have a winter wonderland holiday booked at Center Parcs so all I can say is bring on December!!


  1. What a love idea having an activity advent, you should share with us :-)

  2. Love your advent idea! Might do this when bubba is a little older as it'll be his first christmas this year! It's lovely to make such nice traditions x

  3. Thank you for the comments, I will def share our different activities, day one is pretty simple... were going to decorate the tree and make the house all christmassy :) x


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