Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sitting at the table...

Last weekend a kind lady gave us a table which we have put in our kitchen, before this my daughter used to eat her meals in her high chair while my husband and I used to eat with our meals on our knees. I can not begin to explain to you how such a simply gesture has made such a big impact on our family, since the table arrived into our home we have had three meals a day sat at it - we have laughed, talked, asked how each other is feeling, whether we have had a good day etc... it has provided us with such quality time that we never really realised we were missing! if you have room for a table or you have one but for whatever reason don't use it then I really urge you to have your next family meal sat at it, I bet you'll love it too <3 xxx

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  1. I try and bring the whole family together, around the table, for a meal as often as possible breakfast lunch and diner. Sometimes they are magical moments of sharing and laughter and other times they are grumpy, refusals to eat and daddy getting indigestion but they are all family time. Welcome to the world of blogging.


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