Monday, 13 May 2013

To my baby girl...

To my baby girl on the eve of your second birthday,
Today is the day before your second birthday and i'm finding it hard to believe that by this time tommorow two whole years will have passed since we met for the very first time.
So much has changed in the past two years, twenty four months, one hundred and four weeks, seven hundred and thirty one days - however I say it it still doesn't seem real! No longer are you the small 7lb 11.5oz bundle that the midwives passed to me on Friday 13th May 2011 at 21.03pm instead I am faced with an all walking, all talking, all singing, all dancing and I would be lying if I didn't say the occassional temper tantrum throwing toddler. I look at you some days and think to myself 'Wow, this little person is mine, I made her and she belongs to me'
I love to watch you play, so independent and so confident, you know what you want and you will do anything to get it. I love to listen to you sing, you have a great love for One Direction and enjoy listening to their CD especially when in the car (I honestly don't even know where your love for them came from!) you are not even two, yet you proudly sing along to their songs, almost word for word.
You love playgroup and being around other children, you love taking part in the sing a long at the end and especially love the 'Hokey Cokey'
You love animals, especially bob- bo's and you got so excited when you see them, I hope to take you horse riding one day when you are older.
You love kisses and cuddles, and I love that you love them, you can be so gentle and affectionate, if you think someone is upset you automatically go over to them and put your arm around them and will tell them "shhhh don't cry"
If you hear people arguing you will shout STOP - you want people to be happy, just like you!
You have taught me more in the past two years than I think I have learnt in my life, you have taught me to laugh at the small things, you have taught me to be patient, you have taught me to show affection and to not be afraid to express myself and to say I love you, you have taught me to sing and dance like no one is watching.

We (Me and Daddy) are so lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful little daughter, I hope you know just how much we love both love you.

Lots of love

Mummy xxx
You on your first day in this world.


  1. Hi, I've just nominated you for a Leibster award :)

  2. Hi, just started following from Ohsoamelia's blog hop. Happy birthday to your little girl. xxxx

    1. Thank you for popping over :) We had a lovely day x x

  3. Awww this was so lovely to read :)

    Happy 2nd birthday to your little girl.

    Sparkles &



    1. Thank you so much! still can't believe I have a two year old :') xxx

  4. Beautiful! I love your blog, can't wait to see more! So glad I found you through the blog hop xx

    1. Thank you for popping by Emma and for your lovely comments :) xxx


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