Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Life Accordng To...

Rebecca from 'Mum of a Premature Baby' has tagged me in 'My Life According To...

I love music so I was very excited to get involved :) The idea is to only use the song titles from ONE artist to answer each question and then you have to tag 5 people so that they can give it a go.

I thought long and hard about which artist to choose and I have decided to go with one of my old favourites... The Beatles

So here it is, My life according to The Beatles.

1. Are you Male or Female?

2. Describe Yourself?

Can't buy me love

3. How do you feel?
I want to hold your hand

4. Describe where you currently live

The long and winding road

5. If you could go anywhere?

Penny Lane

6. Your best friend is?
Lady Madonna

7. Your partner is?

Teddy Boy

8. What's the weather like?
Here comes the sun

9. Favourite time of day?

A hard days night

10. If your life was a book, what would it be called?
Here, there and everywhere

11. What is life to you?

Ticket to ride

12. Your last relationship?

Don't bother me

13. Your current relationship?

A crazy little thing called love

14. You fear?

8 days a week

15. How would I like to die?
Like Dreamers Do

16. What is the best advice you have to give?
Come Together

17. Thought for the day?
Let it be

18. My Motto?
All you need is love.

Bonus Questions 

1.  Your Favourite form of Transport?

Yellow Submarine

2. How I feel?

With a little help from my friends

3. Your favourite colour is?
Strawberry Fields Forever

4. If you could change your name, it would be?

Eleanor Rigby

I nominate:

1) Andrea @ All You Need Is Love (And Cake)
2) Carly @ Mummy And The Chunks
3) Mummy S @ Little Guys Mummy
4) Hannah @ Cupcake Mumma
5) Louise @ The Grumpasaurs Blog



  1. Lol I love this post. Being from Liverpool I LOVE The Beatles, its amazing how great their song titles are for this game!

    Sparkles &



    1. I enjoyed doing it, though its a lot hard than it looks! LOL I love the beatles though! xx


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