Friday, 10 May 2013

30 Ways to save £1... have challenged bloggers to come up with 30 ways to save a £1, you can read all about it here.
Having set a personal challenge at the start of the year to live the life of thrift throughout 2013 I thought this would be a perfect challenge for me to take part in, especially as we approach midway point and motivation is dipping slightly. 
So here it goes...
  1. Save all loose change - 1's, 2's, 5's they all add up!
  2. Collect £2 coins.
  3. SELL SELL SELL - If you don't need, want or use it then get rid.
  4. Remember to use loyalty cards at all your favourtie shops and cash in the rewards.
  5. Use cashback sites when shopping online.
  6. Search for discount codes when shopping online.
  7. Remember to price match. A lot of companies will now match prices if you can show the same product at a different shop for less.
  8. Use to find out where to get the cheapest fuel in your area.
  9. Take a packed lunch to work and save money on buying dinner each day.
  10. Meal plan and always make a shopping list - this helps avoid those impulse buys!
  11. When doing the weekly shop, go down a brand or consider going to a 'cheaper' supermarket. We love Aldi in our house!
  12. Use coupons - cut them out of papers, magazines or print them off the internet.
  13. Search Groupon for cheap days out / products.
  14. Challenge yourself to have a no spend day,
  15. Batch cook food and freeze it to avoid it going to waste.
  16. Enter competitions, you never know you just may win!
  17. Consider a second / part time job.
  18. Buy Christmas presents throughout the year, you can pick up some fab bargains in the sales this way and spread the cost.
  19. Suggest doing Secret Santa to family and friends this Christmas.
  20. At the end of each day transfer the odd pence in your bank account into a seperate savings account and watch the amount build up.
  21. Visit a college salon to get your hair cut.
  22. Instead of having a take away enjoy some yummy shop bought treats such as pizza, wedges etc.
  23. If eating out look out for 2 for 1 deals or 2 for £10 etc.
  24. Shop around for utilities such as gas and electric and make sure that you are getting the cheapest insurance available.
  25. Car share where possible.
  26. Buy second hand - you can get some good quality stuff on selling sites, at carboots and in charity shops etc.
  27. Search Freecycle for any wanted items.
  28. Swap unwanted clothes, bedding, rags etc for cash. Search online for the nearest clothes for cash store near you. 
  29. Keep a spending diary to keep track of your money and to see where it goes, chances are after a few weeks you will see a pattern and will be able to cut your spending somewhere.
  30. Always ask yourself do I NEED this - if not you can probably leave it and save a bob or two!
Can you think of any more ways to save a £1?

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