Saturday, 18 May 2013

Paediatric First Aid

Since having my daughter I have often thought about doing a paediatric first aid course, unfortunately this was always a thought that just lingered in the back of my mind and one that I didn't prioritise as much as I should have, after all I didn't even know where I could access a course, I didn't really have time to look into it and then if I did find a course I probably wouldn't have time to go, not to mention the cost... *excuses excuses*
However one day last December Millie's Trust found their way into my newsfeed over on facebook. I remember clicking 'like' and within seconds my heart was breaking as I read about a mummy and a daddy whose baby girl, named Millie had sadly passed a way just a few weeks earlier at the tender age of nine months.
This mummy and daddy are grieving however they have some how found the strength from somewhere to start a charity in memory of Millie. The charity, Millie's Trust really highlights the importance of making yourself aware of first aid procedures, they fundraise so they are able to offer people the opportunity to attend courses all across the country at rock bottom prices, their aim is to have as many people as possible trained up!
Me and my husband were very lucky to have secured ourselves a place on one of their courses last week and I am so glad we did. It wasn't until I was there that I realised just how much I DIDN'T know about first aid however I left the course feeling confident that I would be able to remain calm in an emergency situation.
At the beginning of the course, the instructor asked for a volunteer, me being the nice wifey that I am I instantly volunteered my husband ;) Here he is helping out...
Throughout the course we all had the opportunity to 'practice' CPR, this is so tiring but can be so vital.

At the end of the course we both received a certificate each which is valid for the next three years :)
Having completed the course with my husband it means that we have been able to discuss what we have learnt together and refresh our knowledge.
I am so glad we completed the course, it really is invaluable, I am just sorry it took me so long... however I will ensure that I am always trained up now and that in three years time I attend the course again.
Has anyone else completed a paediatric first aid course or planning to in the future? I would definitely recommend it :) xxx


  1. Wow, I too had a passing thought that it would be a good idea but never did anything about it. I think my local childrens centre runs courses though so will look into it! Thanks! #BYOBH

  2. The course you attended met the high standards set by the Kando training team, it did not meet the Kando standards for the AoFAQ certificate testing programme and our approvers satisfaction.
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