Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Working in an office is...

I work in an office and my colleagues are genuinely a lovely bunch of people who I enjoy working with however on Tuesday I returned to work after the bank holiday weekend and my first thought was "Oh I must pay my tea and coffee money" not an unusual thought as I have been paying £1 a week for tea privileges since I started back in July.
Part way through the morning the lady who runs 'birthday club' approached me, "we have three birthdays in May" she told me, so I handed over 3 more pounds, while doing so another colleague announced that she was leaving on Friday. It will be sad to see her go however she is off on a new adventure to Sunny Spain! So after paying my tea debt, and my birthday money I sat back down in front of my computer when suddenly "ping" I have a new email so I open it up. Its from another colleague, she has heard about the colleague that is leaving and thinks it would be lovely if we could club together and get her a card and some nice flowers, maybe even go out for goodbye lunch? So back into my purse I go, trying to scramble together the last of my change to put into the 'leaving fund' and also a table has now been booked at the local pub for a nice Carvery lunch.
After emptying my purse I then go into the kitchen to make a brew (might aswell get my monies worth) as I open the cupboard to get a mug I see something stuck to the door. I look at it and realise its my manager's sponsor form for a sponsored walk he was doing. I had put my name down but was yet to pay (damn it!) luckily he is on annual leave so that can wait till next week!
Finally I sat back down and it dawned on me... working in an office is expensive! we never had this when I worked in the Supermarket or when I was a Support Worker. I looked back on my 10 months and so far and I have contributed towards...
8 leaving gifts.
6 birthdays (including a 50th).
2 get well cards / gifts.
2 sponsorships / fundraisers.
1 New baby gift.
10 months worth of tea and coffee.
In addition there is also the number of meals I have attended in order to say goodbye to someone or wish someone a happy birthday, not to mention the Christmas meal we had too. Not sure my purse can keep  taking the battering!

I NEED to know... are all offices like this?! Or is it just mine??
If you work in an office (or in any setting for that matter) do you find you are always paying out for something?
Thanks for reading! xx


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